Friday, April 16, 2010

The Celebration Continues

Thank you so much to everyone for all of the prayers and encouragement to dad and our family. We are overwhelmed by all the love that is being shown to us. The last few days have been wild. We are all still processing that there really is a light at the end of this tunnel. We feel so blessed that dad has been healed. In the words of my sister, Hope "only God". We are grateful to his wonderful doctor and nurses, but we are most grateful to the Lord- the great healer. Thank you to all who are celebrating with us.

News Channel 2 wanted to get in on the celebrating, so they joined dad today on the golf course. See the full story here.


  1. We have been rejoicing and praising God all week. When I first heard Tuesday, I could not quit crying for Joy. We serve a mighty God.
    Love to all, Cammy

  2. Our God is an awesome God, I love to hear about Rick´s good news, I also love to see my pastor becoming a tv star and sharing the gospel through his life and journey.
    God bless the family. Betty Burton

  3. Rick I can't wait to meet you on Sunday, May 2nd. I will give you a call before the book signing. Praying for your healing and for God's grace to overwhelm you with peace and comfort.

    In Christ,
    Boyd Bailey

  4. Thanks Boyd, look forward to meeting you also.

  5. Right Reverend Rick White, the Blenis' told me about this site and the journey that you are on. I suppose I will have to change my title for you to Slick Reverend Rick White. Praise God for your present status. About 6 years ago I was confronted with a lymphona growth. On my last visit to the oncologist he hurt my feelings. He said that he did not want to see me anymore. Of course those were the best words that he could have said. The shaven heads floating around your congregation is a tribute to their spiritual leader. My problem when my hair came out was that all the women wanted to kiss my bald head. My resistance from the chemo was so low that all I could do was to smile. We serve a wonderful God. We live 20 miles South of Huntsville at Cherokee Ridge. Come see us sometime and bring your golf clubs.

    Shermon Roberts, 256-498-5465

  6. My daughter just sent me your blog. I guess I got in on just the celebration part of your trial with cancer. The real "big bang" theory is His eternal grace. Tell Patti hello. Lot's of good memories.
    David Maxey