Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get Involved

So many of you have been asking for ways that you can get involved with Dad’s journey with lymphoma. So, here are three ways to get involved…

  1. We will have “Pastor Rick’s Journey” bracelets to sell this Sunday for $2. They are lime green, silicone awareness bands that say “Pastor Rick’s Journey,” and the proceeds will go to support our projects in Malawi. They will be sold on both the Franklin and Spring Hill Campuses.
  2. Coming Soon... “I went slick with Pastor Rick!” Let the head shaving begin! We are gathering a group of men who are willing to shave their heads with Dad. We will keep you posted on when this will take place and how to attend or sign up to participate.
  3. Many people have asked about the shirt that Dad wore last Sunday (Lymphoma Sucks). Anyone who wants one will have the opportunity to order/purchase one at the bracelet table on Sunday morning. They are $10 each. The proceeds from these will also go to support Malawi.

Dad had his port put in today and had a bone marrow test. He is gearing up to start chemo on Monday. Keep praying that he will be encouraged in this journey.


  1. Rest easy dear Pastor. Praying for you and your family for strength, rest, and the peace that passes all understanding. I offered to shave my head with you but the husband says no way. Guess I'll have to get one of those rubber flesh-tone caps! Sleep easy - you're covered in prayer and God is in control. In His Love, Tami Renfrow

  2. Hebrews 9:4 tells us that in the temple, in the Most Holy Place there was a gold incense altar and a wooden chest called the Ark of the Covenant. Inside this ark was a gold jar containing manna, Aaron's staff that sprouted leaves, and the stone tablets of the covenant. All reminders. Reminders of things that God had done. Reminders of His faithfulness. Reminders of what He can do.Reba

  3. Rick,
    As we trek along the Northwest I have taken many moments to pray for your healing and God's love and peace to surround you and your family. You are loved. Thanks to the White girls for keeping us up on current status.

    Ken Davis

  4. Dear Bro. Rick. Ths is Ron Atkinson and I wnat to pray that all your journey may be filled with God's geace and mercy. It is always good to remember (God's favotite word) that over the work for us for us it is written, "It is finished" and over His work in us is written."He that begun a good work in you will perfoem it until the day of Christ". Grace be with you all. God's favotite food is answering prayer.

  5. Pastor Rick,

    You are on our heart and in His care.

    Ashley and Tobi

  6. Pastor Rick,

    Praying for you and for God's glory in all of this.

  7. hi mr rick hope ur treatment goes well tomorrow our prayers will b with u love marilyn and paula sayes

  8. Dear Pastor Rick:

    Please add us to the long list of people who are praying for you.

    You have been a source of encouragement to our family. When you preach, it seems as though you always have a message directed at us. I know God has been using you to touch many, many lives and share His love with all.

    I know my prayer requests for my niece and uncle who were fighting cancer were answered. I asked my sister-in-law (Carol) what had helped her daughter with the nausea following chemo treatments. She said there were good medicines now to help with that. She also said hard candy seemed to help. (I've heard from others that blackberry wine helps, too!)

    I told her about your journey, and asked her what she might share from travelling the road with my niece. She wrote the following "lessons learned" (many of these you already teach):

    Never ask "why me", only "what now?"
    Practice loving always, wherever you are, whoever you are with
    Choose hope and share it even when you don't feel it.
    Recognize that God is with us and for us in every moment.
    Deliberately choose joy and whisper with conviction the angels' call to 'Do Not Be Afraid".
    Remember there are always others walking a harder road.
    Know you are not alone and give thanks for those who join you are the journey.
    Celebrate every day and keep on walking to meet whatever is waiting for you there.

    You have carried the burdens of many in your life of service to God. Now is the time for your family, friends and extended church family to help you carry your burden.

    Thank you so much for all you have done for us. Thanks, too, for sharing your journey and for being real.

    We serve an awesome God! He knows every hair on your head...and every cell in your body.
    Dottie LeCroy

  9. Email or Call Me when the Head Shaving begins. You can count me in. (Kid's Praise will just have to love my shinny!! lol I work with 3rd grade Kids Praise)

    Do please let me know as I will most definantly Shave it off. You guys are all in Claudia's & My Prayers!
    Jim Troutt (615)485-8724

  10. Rick, I can imagine that you're feeling the weight of what will happen tomorrow. Please know that we are lifting you, Patti and the girls up in prayer and will do so constantly tomorrow. We're praying that God will be glorified and praised and that you will feel the safety and love you have in His strong arms.

    We are also praying that you will all have supernatural wisdom and discernment in the decisions that will have to be made tomorrow and in the near future.

    Patti, Carrie, Tori and Hope - thank you for allowing us to be a part of this with you. It allows us to fulfill the law of Christ. (Galations 6:2 Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.)

    We love you, brother.

  11. Damon SonnenbergMarch 1, 2010 at 6:10 AM

    Pastor Rick,

    You are in our constant prayers. I hope this battle is as quick and painless as possible. Ohhh and about I Went Slick w\ Pastor Rick. I am ready when you are :)

  12. I prayed for you today and will continue to pray not only that you are healed but that you are not miserable in the process.

  13. Rick
    You have been there for so many of us during our time of need; Please absorb the love and prayer we all want to give you. Faith and Prayer will give you the direction on this journey. We LOVE you, may all of God's grace be with you and and Patti; Daughters keep showing your love in written thoughts as a father of three daughters also, nothing means more to us.
    I agree 24 has lost its intensity something is not the same. The Beach is there when you need it
    for any of you.
    Kindest Blessings
    Charlie and Bebe

  14. We just found out about your cancer yesterday. My brother and sister-in-law (David and Liz Gibson) are members there and have told us about your journey. We wanted to let you know that our church in Murfreesboro (Immanuel Baptist) will be praying along with us for God's healing touch and His strength to guide you through this journey. You are not alone and we will help pave the road with prayer! Our prayers are with you and your church family as you enter this battle.

    Dave and Sheila Brown (David Gibson is my brother)