Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're Invited

Hi. My name is Tori Jones. I am Rick’s middle daughter.

After Dad was diagnosed this week with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he asked me to help him set up a blog where he could include you on this journey he is currently taking.

Our family is committed to keeping you informed on this journey. Sometimes Dad will write the post, and other times, it will be other members of our family. We want this to be a place where we can centrally communicate to you - our extended family. So that you will know from whom you are hearing, Dad thought it would be a good idea to introduce our family.

My sister Carrie is the oldest child in our family. Carrie and her husband Matt live in Georgia. Matt is a Student Pastor at Crossroads Community Church outside Atlanta. They have three beautiful children- Sophie who is five, Will who just turned two and Lillie who is four weeks old. We are so blessed that they do not live too far away and are often able to make the trip to Franklin to visit.

I am the middle sister in our family. I am happily married to my husband Derek who is the TPC Kids Pastor at our Spring Hill Campus. I am also on staff at TPC in the Communications Department.

My sister Hope is the baby of the family. Hope was adopted almost 10 years ago from Ukraine. She is a true joy in the life of everyone she knows. Hope is a freshman in college. She attends Williamson Christian College and a massage therapy school, both located in Williamson County.

My mom, Patti, is just that- the mom. She takes care of all of us…always has, always will. All three of us girls have an amazing relationship with our mom. She is not the typical pastor’s wife. Mom is very behind the scenes, but rest assured she is always there supporting Dad.

Our family moved to Franklin almost 28 years ago. Some of you, our family knows personally, and some of you, we have never met. However, by being part of TPC, you are part of our family. My sisters and I have lived most of our lives here and at TPC. We have celebrated birthdays, graduations, marriages and the birth of children here. Through all of these milestones in our lives, TPC has played a role. Our family has been loved well by TPC.

We don’t know for sure what this journey has in store. We know that there will be times of sadness, fear, confusion, uncertainty, and yet also times of great celebration. We ask for your continual prayers as we all walk this journey together as a family. We know that we worship a God that is the great Provider and the Great Physician. We desire to walk this journey with dignity and grace. No matter what this journey brings, we will say Blessed Be His Name.

On behalf of my family, we invite you to take this journey with us.


  1. Tori, thank you for creating this blog. Count Mary and me in on the journey with you. Everyday, we are praying and thinking about your dad and all of you. We are believing God with you to show Himself strong and powerful. Our deepest love to you all! - Richard & Mary B

  2. I agree with Richard's post from above and appreciate your family's openness and willingness to include all of us to join in this journey along side of you. I look forward to seeing what God's plan is for each of us while we go through this journey together. Thank you and definitely you are in my daily prayers. - Mariko

  3. Tori - I echo my thanks to you for setting this up. I know this will help all of us to support ya'll in prayer, and we commit to doing that often.
    Love, Ruthann

  4. I am praying fervently for Rick and the family. God will reach out with his healing hands and lay them upon Rick. We are all family and will walk this road with you, praying, praising, and believing in God's healing power. Rick, we love you. Hang in there. You have thousands of followers beside you. In Christ's Love, Tami Renfrow

  5. Tori, I do not know you or your family personally; I attend TPC occationally. I was saddened to hear about your father's diagnosis. My husband has recently recovered from colon cancer; the journey of cancer is never easy. As you know, God is a very powerful and gracious God. My prayer for you and your family is that God will wrap His loving, healing arms around your entire family and His will be done.
    Most sincerely, Lori Gilliam

  6. My husband and I love TPC and Rick White!
    What a priviledge it was to be at the Worship Service this past Sunday. Rick's reading of the devotional that his daughter sent from the Book "Jesus Calling" was amazing and so timely-
    GOD IS AMAZING! Rick's Desire for this Journey to Glorify God was very evident and Genuine- Our prayers will be Rick and the family.
    Thank you Tori for setting this up-
    Love MUCH love and support-
    Teddi and Greg Janese

  7. Pastor Rick,
    Your comment that you are going to fight this to glorify God is inspiring to me and my family.
    I loved the "Lymphoma Sucks" tee shirt. Too Funny.
    You said you were going to have fun with this. You mentioned something about losing your hair so I am challenging every man and boy and maybe even a few women at TPC to join me in the "I Went Slick With Pastor Rick" Hair Shave a Thon. I will have t-shirts made up for everyone who participates!!!
    I would like to know someone at TPC that can help me organize this as a fun benefit.
    When Pastor Rick looks out on his sheep, they will be cleanly shaven in support of our Pastor.
    I can supply the clippers!!! I can also provide my cutting expertise!!!
    I am already bald so I don't have a lot to lose but I think this would be fun and any donations would go directly to Cancer Research!! We will Beat This Thing!!!

    Remember Pastor Rick,
    God made only a few perfect heads and the rest he put hair on!!!!

    Bald is Beautiful!!!!

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Tim Thompson

  8. Dear Pastor Rick,
    Let me first introduce myself; Im Praisy a college student from NY. Even though im not in your church, I still consider myself as a part of your church family because I always watch your messages online and I have to say, it has been such a blessing in my life. A lot of times, I felt God speaking to me through your sermons and there have been times I wished i was there to tell you directly of how wonderful your message was!
    Pastor Rick, I just finished watching the message from this past sunday and found out about your biopsy results.
    I Would like you to know that I am praying for you and your family. Even though I may not be there, I will be following your journey and standing in the gap for you. God is the ultimate healer and I know that He will see you through this. I hope I have brought a smile on your face to know that you have many people that you may not even know standing behind you through this time in your life.
    May God Bless you and your family.
    Praisy Mathew